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$0Well Pumps S.A. is a young, dynamic company willing to perfectly satisfy all clients’ needs. Now situated in Fleurus, Belgium, Well Pumps S.A. is constantly looking for new solutions in order to improve WPS® pumps performances. The company has recourse to recent technologies that allows widening the range of its products and saving energy to their clients. $0 $0 The team exclusively lead by the Well Pumps S.A. cofounders insures the quality of all the products at every step of their manufacturing. All the WPS® pumps components are made in Belgium and that guarantees their highest quality. A traceability system applied in Well Pumps S.A. is able to locate raw materials suppliers. A certificate of origin can be delivered by Chamber of Commerce of Belgium. $0 $0 Highly qualified engineers and technicians work with meticulous care to manufacture quality products labelled WPS®. After-sales service provided by company's official distributors is ready to answer to any question concerning the choice or use of WPS® pumps. $0 $0 Well Pumps S.A. is environmentally responsible firm. Already energy efficient, WPS®-CP pumps adapt their energy consumption to operating speed and consequently to user’s needs. Moreover, all the WPS® pumps’ components are recyclable. $0 $0 $0 $0


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Well Pumps S.A.

Avenue de Lambusart 18
6220 Fleurus
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